Saturday, March 11, 2006

Deconstructed Fish Tacos...

...because "Fish Nachos" just doesn't sound pretty.

Oh, but how I love fish tacos. I make them in probably a half dozen incarnations. One is the Shrimp Taco recipe I discuss here, yet another involves a cilantro beer batter. But these are very simple. Chunks of sweet grilled fish, topped with my friend Jenny's white sauce and a generous dollop of guacamole, piled cutely on a tortilla chip. Think how charmed you would be to find individual fish tacos served to you at a cocktail party--these are delicious two-bite wonders. And easy, too!

Deconstructed Fish Tacos
serves 2-3

for the white sauce:

This sauce comes straight from my friend Jenny, and it's lovely. I'm giving you her recipe, not the bastardized version that I cobbled together with available ingredients. I halved this recipe, and it still made a lot.

1 c. mayonnaise
1 c. plain yogurt
1 habanero pepper
2 Tbsp. capers
1 tsp. dried Mexican oregano
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. dried dill (or double the fresh)
.25 tsp. cayenne pepper (or to taste)
.25 tsp. salt
.25 tsp. ground black pepper
.25 c. lime juice (more may be needed to thin)

Put everything but the lime juice in a blender or food processor, process until thick and combined. Add the lime juice a little at a time until you think the sauce is thin enough--at least .25 cup.

for the tacos:

3 Tilapia fillets
pinch sea salt
pinch freshly ground pepper
splash dry white wine
olive oil
large white corn tortilla chips
white sauce

Marinate the fish in a the salt, pepper, wine, and a bit of olive oil for 15 minutes. Heat a grill pan over medium high heat, coat with a film of oil. Grill fish for 1-2 minutes per side, being very careful while flipping--Tilapia is a delicate fish.

To assemble, place a chunk of warm fish on a tortilla chip, drizzle with sauce and top with a dollop of guacamole. Enjoy!


Jenny said...

I hope the sauce was to your liking, lovely. As you probably figured out, the sauce can be altered in a manner of ways and still taste good. I've had a serious snafu with my computer, so I'm sorry about not getting back to you.

Marianne said...

It was delicious, thank you!!

Heather said...

This is a good idea, but I'm looking for something more along the lines of greasy, raw crudite.

Marianne said...

Well, that is always a crowd pleaser, Heather.