Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bad Bread. Bad!

You will quickly find that not everything I make turns out as delicious and pretty as some things. This week, for some unknown reason, I felt the need to bake bread. I was still riding high on the success of some bagels I made two weeks ago (my first tryst with yeast), and was feeling triumphant. I chose a simple white bread recipe from Nigella Lawson, the provider of the excellent bagel recipe.

I felt pretty confident about the whole thing, the dough looked as it was supposed to, but it turned out to be the heaviest, densest bread ever. The crumb was very, very tight, and once the warmth of the oven wore off, it was pretty much inedible.

Look at it, though! Doesn't that almost look like real bread, for eating, even?

But, do not dismay, the bread will go to good use. I am going to fry up some homemade croutons, and then I will use a great hunk of it to make breadcrumbs for tonight's meal (Salmon Croquettes).

Mrs. C.

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