Friday, January 16, 2009

What's Cooking?

I've abandoned this blog, I know. And lost my readers, no doubt. But for once I have a decent excuse, which is this:

Yep, that's my little girl up there, all of 20 weeks along (though I'm closer to 22 weeks by now). Due May 23rd and beyond happy about it. Even writing about it here:

Most women, by the 22nd week of their pregnancy, have developed a lustful passion for food, to make up for the misery of 1st trimester nausea. Lucky me, I had pretty much no nausea, maybe one or two days of mild, seasick discomfort in total. Instead, I don't care about food. At all. I am not exaggerating, no cravings, nothing sounds particularly appealing, I have to make myself eat every two hours, like clockwork, or I'll forget all together.

You can see why this might make food blogging difficult! I've been cooking, sure, but most of the time I have to choke it down and the very act of chewing pisses me off. Not exactly the time to lovingly photograph food and wax rhapsodic about the brilliant dishes I've been making.

I'm not going anywhere. I can only assume (and hope, oh PLEASE), that I will get back to normal eventually, and regain my passion for food. I've never realized just how much I identify myself as a person who loves food, cooking it and eating it. It's been kind of depressing to lose that, but it can't be permanent.


Kalyn said...

Well congratulations! That's pretty exciting.

I haven't been pregnant, but I'm guessing you will start liking food again! Hope so.

sheena said...

congrats! looking forward to following your food cravings! :-)

Passionate Eater said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I was wondering where you went off too! I bet your little girl will take after her gourmet mother. Don't worry about being momentarily adverse to food, I am sure that will wane in a few weeks!

Filmfemme21 said...

Congrats on the baby! What beautiful news. And I doubt if you lost very many readers :)

When my sister had her baby last year, she didn't have many cravings either(which was funny b/c she had always been a "healthy", IE, big, foodie). Granted I wasn't with her all the time, but when I was, it seemed like the only thing she ever wanted or ate were cinnamon rolls. Which is interesting b/c she never liked sweets.

Again, congrats!

jessel said...

I just stumbled on your blog a few days ago and now, I just read this. Congrats! I am a full time mom with a 4 year old and 2 year old, this past month, I started to learn to cook fresh, cook more & enjoy it (hence, stumbling upon your blog)! You will get back to loving food I'm sure of it. And soon, you will be teaching your kiddos to peel, shred, grate and set the table (as I am with my 4 year old!). Enjoy your baby! Good luck and God bless!

MetaMommy said...

Congratulations! Funny thing. When I was pregnant with my son, I didn't have any cravings, but there were a lot of foods I couldn't eat because of severe nausea. The taste, smell of sight of certain foods would set me off...bananas, avocado, coffee, red meat, and so on. All foods I loved normally. After a while, the nausea wore off, and I was OK with the foods again. The one thing that stuck was my preference of spicy foods. I hated spicy food until I was pregnant, and then like a light switch being turned on, I liked it. And I still do.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't have any cravings or any nausea, which led me to think I was having a girl (we chose not to find out before she was born, so it was a guessing game the whole time). My husbands theory held true once again: no morning sickness = girl.

My point is that things happen to your body when you're pregnant that change how you look at food, and postpartum, the changes vanish. You probably won't notice because you'll be otherwise preoccupied. But one day you'll wake up and feel "normal" again.

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

ohhh little baby girl :) enjoy this time and what's to come!



Dave Jones said...

Congratulations on your baby...god bless.

Anonymous said...

Parenthood is the most significant and beautiful thing in the world, I don't see why I couldn't wait a few months for you to share some new culinary discoveries ;)

Health, and happiness to you and your family.

Moon Man.

Survive Unemployment said...

Congratulations! Good to know that there is some good news left in the world.

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