Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I threw a (mostly) vegan dinner party on Sunday, and no one starved. In fact, the food and company were delicious and plentiful. I say "mostly" vegan because I realized that Quorn crumbles--the base for my empanada filling--have egg white in them. No worries, I just made a batch with a spicy black bean filling.

I was determined to take pictures--of the two sheet pans of gorgeous vegetables, waiting for the grill...of the aforementioned empanadas with their raisin, redwine, chipotle, and caper-spike filling...of my favorite quinoa and black bean salad...of the last minute salsa I whipped up that I could eat every day until I die...of the grilled peach halves with a scoop of coconut sorbet melting on top. But I didn't. I didn't take a single picture and while I know that just means we were having too much fun to bother with it, I'm mad at myself.

Oh well, yet another reason to do it again, and soon. After a summer of not entertaining at home I am energized and planning 10 different gatherings in my head. I do love a hoopla.


Anonymous said...

Marianne - I really enjoy your blog and linked it to my own. Just wanted to say hello!

Emily from Your Presbyterian Center Days at UT

Beth said...

I agree - it's a shame we don't have pictures of everything as I was there and can confirm the greatness that was Marianne's Vegan dinner! But - the only picture that really needed to be taken was the smile on all of our faces...that pretty much said it all! YUM YUM! Thanks MC!