Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My favorite explanations...

...for my prolonged absence:

I fell into quicksand.

I've given up cooking altogether.

I hate you all.

I no longer can taste food and am living in a cave.

I'm dead.

But my favorite is:

I'm still at the beach.

Oh, how I wish!

But really, it's nothing so exciting or tragic. I just got...busy. That's a lame excuse, but a valid one. After all, when someone that starts a blog called "The Unemployed Cook" starts being more and more employed, well, the blog is going to suffer.

And also I guess I needed a break. As good as it is to have an outlet, I was feeling more and more pressured to produce content for this wee site. And eventually it was easier to ignore than to put the effort into.

And so, I'm not making any sort of "I'm back" proclamations. BUT, I have been cooking like crazy, and the magazine I write for has given me permission to post my reviews once the current month has passed. I hate New Year's resolutions, but nevertheless, I'm hoping to post at least once a week. After all, I have so much to talk about.

Like Christmas...

Or pickles:

Or divine Country Cookin':

I mean, that's the very tip of a melting iceberg. Happy New Year.


Acme Instant Food said...

Welcome back! You must have one hell of a deep, dark tan. I'll give you the name of a good dermo guy out here if ya need it.

Marianne said...

I'm a regular George Hamilton, let me tell ya.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay.. no pressure.. but WOOO HOOO! I'm so happy you are back =)


amanda@whatwereeating.com said...

well hello there stranger! it's a crappy thing that employment has to get in the way of enjoyment! there was a period last year when i was unemployed for oh, 4 months, and tyler and i were posting nearly every single day! now we're lucky to get 2 posts in a week! but at least you didn't stop tasting food... or quit cooking altogether ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is about damn time lady.

Now tell me more about the pickles.

wheresmymind said...

Welcome back cool kid!

wheresmymind said...

Welcome back cool kid!

Amblus said...

No pressure, just love! I'm glad you're posting again.