Saturday, September 30, 2006

Three-Onion Tart and Corn Bisque--the kitchen is finished!

That's right, the over-two-week long kitchen renovation is complete, and things are looking mighty fine. Not everything is clean and back in its place just yet, so you will have to wait for photos of our accomplishment, but even better than kitchen photos?

Food photos! I am finally able to cook a complete meal in my kitchen again. While there's been some cooking in the past couple of weeks, it hasn't come easily and creativity has not really been an option.

So, I read Elise's blog fairly religiously--she always strikes a perfect balance between education and really creative cooking--and when she posted this recipe for a rustic onion tart earlier this week, I knew I had to make it. What better way to get back in the kitchen than with a baking project? I followed her recipe nearly to the letter (her pastry recipe is perfection), with one exception--I only had one red onion, so I also used two yellow onions and a massive shallot I had sitting around--thus the "Three Onion" distinction. This is a beautiful tart to look at, folks, and even better tasting. Go celebrate the cooling weather and make one for yourself!

The soup was born out of inspiration from a Cooking Light recipe (I've been on a dreaded diet, yet another reason I haven't been posting much), and with a couple of ears of late summer sweet corn languishing in the refrigerator, I couldn't resist making it my own. The result was sweet, delicious, and deceptively rich-tasting. Topped with a mound of fresh crab meat, a sprinkling of heirloom tomato, and chunks of ripe avocado, I felt it was a fitting goodbye to summer.


Skeezix said...

Finally! You are back!
That tart looks fantastic.

Kalyn said...

Congrats on completing the remodeling project. I had my entire house completely gutted and remodeled eight years ago, so I can relate, but it's so worth it in the end.

Elise said...

Oh that tart looks great! Isn't it just the most delicious thing ever?

Marianne said...

Skeezix--you should make it, I think it's right up your alley.

Kalyn--I feel your pain. The kitchen is finished, but we've ripped out the floor in our mudroom, so the work continues.

Elise--it is so delicious I think about making it at least twice a week. Thanks again for the recipe, and your pate brisee recipe as well. It's perfect!

Kevin said...

So when's the kitchen-warming party?

Lauren said...

We are making that when I am in Knoxville in LESS THAN TWO G.D. WEEKS.

Anonymous said...

That corn bisque sounds yummy. I made corn pudding the other day and my sweet corn craving has not goe away. Maybe this will do it.